"kill the headlights and put it in neutral"

went to more classes today (one more to go). the morning class was awesome. the professor (doc) is super excited and a former cowboy (go figure). the topics seem like they'll be both challenging and fun: beginning with a translation of "beowulf" (thank goodness.. hwath hrothgar huh?) and moving on through the middle ages. we'll be covering a few old english pieces and moving into middle english and then spending a good deal of the semester covering early modern english works -- shakespeare, spencer, milton, locke.. you get the idea. so, while some of it i'll already be familiar with (mostly the chaucer), most of it will be new territory, even the shakespeare. i've only read a few shakespeare plays in entirety -- the ones i know really well i've either seen in person or worked on for theatre. we're covering "king lear" and i think that should be interesting. ::shrug:: i don't really know, but the prof comes highly recommended by a trusted advisor. (thanks!).
now, my science gen ed. ... on the other hand.. i think i'll drop it. today he gave us a "brief" overview of stuff he expects to know already. egads.. it was like trying to understand a primer on quantum physics. it seems like, if i can just follow him in class (which might prove a feat too difficult), i'd do well, but i'm not confident that i'll be able to devote to it the amount of time it would probably require for me to do well in the course -- i've got three english courses that take precedence. lots of reading > lots of mitochondria.
soon i'm off to my last class of the day: a three-hour long class.. on jewish lit. werd.

this is turning out to be what looks like it could be a great semester.

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