New Gears

Once again, I'm changing the tune of this blog. From here on out, look for happy updates about the environment and my attempts to decrease my (our) impact on it.

Recent Green Changes:
  • Make homemade, whole wheat bread (just bought organic flour to make this ++ effective)
  • Stop wasting food: compost absolutely everything possible (even when I don't feel like it)
  • Buy as much produce as possible at Hollywood Farmers' Market, organic when able
  • Use only free-range, organic eggs
  • Stop using antibacterial soap. Regular soap works just as well
  • Make less garbage
  • Turn lights off when leaving the room, every time
  • Clean with sustainable cleaners (vinegar, Clorox GreenWorks, non-phosphate dishsoap)
  • Attend more local entertainment activities (as opposed to car-based travel)
  • Walk/Bike to work
  • Walk to local activities as much as possible (church and restaurants, for instance)
  • Take shorter showers (together? too scandalous!)
  • Combine cooking (cook lasagna right after bread while the oven is still hot)
  • Use a sweater instead of the heater
  • Repurpose ratty old t-shirts into cleaning rags
  • Use natural light as much as possible instead of lamps
  • Wash clothes in warm, not hot water (except for that one time I had to kill the kitten flees)
  • Hang clothes to dry on rack or hangers

Green Goals:
  • Eat less meat (3x per week, max)
  • Consume less dairy
  • Switch toiletries to organics (toothpaste to baking soda, shampoo to castille soap)
  • Connect with loved ones instead of gift-giving (or homemade gifts, too!)
  • Eschew unnecessary packaging
  • Use bulk bins as much as possible
  • Buy organic as much as possible
  • Unplug appliances/electronics when not in use
  • As they burn out, replace old lightbulbs with CFLs
  • Use LED Christmas lights (yeah, we have holiday spirit!)
  • DON'T buy a plastic Christmas tree (PVC + shipping from China + other toxins = NO)
  • Wash clothes in cold water
Whew! Now that the lists are out, the real blogging can begin.

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