i am back to save the universe

so, talked to alison today about honors college stuff -- definitely going to ask the advisor if it's possible for me to get in and whether she thinks there'll be a decent amount (read: any) honors courses offered next summer when i'll be finishing my degree.

i planned out the basic idea for my next three semesters, as per my understanding of the degree audit and credit system. here goes:

Fall '07:
  • awesome 300-400 level english
  • awesome 300-400 level english
  • lab science (maybe astronomy?)
  • humanity class (cross-listed with US cultures class)
  • italian 2
-- that should equal 17 credits (italian = 4 credits, science w/ lab = 4 credits)

Spring '08:
  • awesome english thesis class
  • lousy gen. ed. english 202B
  • gen. ed science (hopefully geosci something)
  • math of some sort (yikes! hopefully philosophy of math)
  • italian 3
-- that should equal 16 credits (italian = 4, everything else 3)

Summer '08:
  • awesome english 300-400 level
  • other things to fill up schedule
  • other things
  • other things
  • other things
-- that needs to be 15 credits so.. a schedule mostly full of deliciously easy and/or interesting classes while working long hours at some hopefully decent paying job.

so, that's the schedule i'm hoping to pursue, tentatively. will it work out? i'm hoping. really hoping.. i don't like the idea of spending the summer away from home, but ..i don't know where matt will be (probably california), anyway, and he's the person i spend most time with at home. while i'll miss gramma and all my friends, i don't really spend that much time with friends while i'm at home and i'll be 21 up here and hopefully surrounded by at least one or two people with whom i can enjoy a legal adult beverage. *grin*

so, here's hoping and leaving off the blogging so that i can get some homework done before going in to work and making money .. For the Kids! (lion line is concentrating all this weekend, starting last night, on raising money for THON and every dollar i bring in tonight will be for the kids.. which i think is better than the normal dull cases and dry donations that people normally give to nominally support "academics" .. this means so much more).

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