new words; new works

with only a week left of altoona, i find myself ...not preparing to miss it at all.

the small classes are wonderful and the attention from teachers is.. not something to scoff at, but i need more. the professors here always try to tie you down to this college and, it's good and all, but not what i need.

i'm doing good things for myself and others -- it's nice.

i make a conscious effort to make something of every day, be it a craft or a poem or a paper or even just a smile. it's become important to me to just do the little stuff that i would normally put off or shirk completely. i turn papers in on time. or early.

it's exhilarating to me to be able to finish things. everytime i make my little gifts, the gift becomes more important. a quarter sized mess of glue and ribbon and cardstock becomes so invested with my personality that i can't seem to do anything but smile at it.

i'm throwing a lot of holiday parties this year (and a lot of non sequiturs into this post). i think they'll be fun and will allow me to be creative on the budget that has been forcing me to create all semester. it's because i have no money that, instead of buying a cd for a friend, i make him a personalized mug, a special birthday card. it's because i can't afford flowers that i'll make them out of paper. i used to cherish strictly formed poetry because it gave me borders within which to go wild.. i never thought that financial restrictions could act them same way.

i feel good. i'm sick (blugh!) but i feel great. it's a nice change.

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