what a way to start a/n ..anything, really. helplessness is a feeling i've dealt with a lot.. especially lately.

i feel so empty without being able to produce anything. not anything creative, at least. all summer, i spent emotionally crippled and crippling. i didn't create anything.

in much the same way that i dislike the touch of certain abhorrent fabrics, so too do i loathe the feeling of not. Not. important enough to capitalize.
"there's nothing i hate more than nothing. nothing keeps me up at night. i toss and turn over nothing; nothing could cause a great big fight." -- edie brickell and the new bohemians.

i'm reading things everyday and finding things that i would love to be and to make and to love, but.. i never seem to find the time or the motivation. i'm hoping that this blog will provide me with a sort of outlet for the things i've been holding in lately. i'm hoping it can be the release i'm looking for.

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